Friday, April 30, 2010

Making a child's dress out of a T-Shirt

Okay, so this is similar to the last one, except that this time instead of using a large men's button down shirt, I'm using a girl's t-shirt.  And this one is easier!  This is a girl's shirt I bought on clearance after Halloween.  I bought it for myself but the long sleeves were too restrictive for me.  Instead of getting rid of it I decided to make my daughter a dress out of it since I liked the design on it.  To begin with I just cut up the sides and sewed them back together in the shape I wanted: a simple A-line dress style as seen here.  

Next I cut off the bottom in two segments.  The first cut was to make it the right length for my little girl (which I determined by trying it on her and eye-balling it).  Then I cut the bottom 2" off of this in order to make a ruffle border for the bottom on the dress.  

Since the circumference of this "loop" of fabric is longer than the circumference of the bottom on the dress, I used my sewing machine to put a long stitch through it and gather it up in order to make it fit the bottom of the dress.  This is not a particularly full ruffle since it was not dramatically longer than the bottom of the dress.

After I attached the ruffle, I then tried the dress on my daughter again to determine how much the arm holes needed to taken in.  The neck-hole was too big for her, so I cut the seams at the shoulder and cut off the additional length I wanted removed (in this case I cut shoulder seam and then chopped off an additional 1" or so).

 Once I did this, I could have just sewed the shoulder seams back together, but I decided instead to cut some strips out of the sleeves I cut off in the beginning and use those to make ties for the shoulders.  This makes the shoulders adjustable, and makes for cute little bows!  I had to gather the top of the arms pieces a little bit to make it fit the ties evenly since I didn't measure anything when I cut the strips and they were pretty narrow.  You can see this in the picture.  I kind of liked the effect.  Now all that is left is putting the dress on your little girl.  My daughter really likes it and hasn't wanted to take it off!


  1. How cute! She loves it for sure!!!

  2. It's only been two weeks since we saw her last and she looks so much older!

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