Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Atom Eve Update #1

This week I got the fabric for my newest project, an Atom Eve apron.  I have been terribly excited about it.  In this update I'm just showing how I made the logo.  I always make a paper pattern first, this time I used a timesheet from my part-time job as a tutor (everything around here gets used at least twice!)  I then cut it out of the fabric.

Next I had to make the inner circle to create the symbol, (the symbol of Venus, which is now used pretty generically to represent the female sex as a whole), and it just so happened that my daughter's Princess Belle teacup was the perfect size.  This picture is just to show that, common household stuff can be very useful!

I sewed it down to the white background piece, and then began the rest of the logo.  This atom symbol consists of three overlapping ovals.  I eye-balled the ovals themselves, but used a ruler to get the points spaced correctly.

I then cut this shape down to the correct size and pinned it directly to the rest of the logo to use as a sewing guide.  I did this because I didn't want to draw on the fabric, even with tailor's chalk, for fear of it staining the white.  It worked out pretty well, and once the first lines were down I just ripped off the paper.  I then went over the lines again to make them bolder and to straighten out anywhere that the lines looked wobbly.

So here you have it, Atom Eve's chest logo made from appliqued fabric and top-stitching!


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