Monday, May 24, 2010

Free State FreeCon

I had a blast at this years Free State FreeCon in  Lawrence, KS.  First of all, I love any chance to bring out my aprons and talk to cool people, but I also really enjoyed getting to shoot a music video of the highlights of this years show, which you can watch below.  (I allowed myself a 2 second cameo!)

I also got to see my Harley Quinn apron on it's owner, Michelle, and she looked great in it.  Here she is with her friend Indiana Jones (who kindly demonstrated his whip-cracking skills to me outside).  It's really neat to get the opportunity to see something I've made out and about in the real world.  Michelle actually designed this apron and as you can see, it worked out and fit the character of Harley Quinn quite well.  I also got to see Black Lightning and Venom as well as lots of kids in Iron Man masks and Shrek ears.