Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apron Reflections

This is a photo of my daughter about 10 months ago wearing one of the first aprons I ever made.  I decided after making that one that I wanted to do more and then it sort of grew into an obsession.  Within two months I had so many aprons in the house it was ridiculous. 
This photo is of my holding some of the many many many apron straps that I made.  Each apron has 4 straps and when you make over 100 aprons...that's a lot of straps.  I would try to estimate how many I've made over the past year, but that might make me look insane.
This photo is of one of two racks of aprons I made last fall...these are all "Mommy and Me" matching sets.  I still have 5 left I think.  Since then I've started making more interesting aprons and have made dozens more but I've never sat down and made this many at one time since!  That was a crazy couple of months!