Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr. Incredible--The Apron

Making this apron was a lot different from the hyper feminine styles I've made in the past.  I made it out of a heavy red canvas cut into a "chef" or "barbecue" style apron.  I did not have a pattern...I just sort of knew what an apron like this should look like and cut out that shape (on the fold).  I did a little math to figure out how long and wide it should be, but pretty much eye-balled it.

Here all the parts.  I needed a symbol, a black pocket, and a belt.  All of the measurements on this stuff were estimated by sight and comparing it to the main body of the apron.

The symbol was sort of tricky because of the way the orange border goes from thick to thin, but once I got it all cut out, it was easy peasy.

I edged the entire body of it in a nice clean narrow hem.  I thought this would be really hard around the under-arm curves, but it really wasn't.  I guess the curve was subtle enough.  Anyone who has hemmed armholes or other tight curves knows what a pain that is!

I ironed under the edges of the belt and top-stitched it down, finishing up by placing the pocket.

And here is the finished product!!! This is a gift for a good friend of mine.


  1. Super cute!!!! I LOVE it!!!

  2. Adorable! Great job!

  3. I just love your superhero aprons! I'm wondering if you're selling this one, because it would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for my husband (when we got married, he even walked down the aisle to the theme from the Incredibles). Please let me know! amelieschoice at gmail dot com

  4. T^T Aw, man... That would be perfect for my dad! He's a HUGE Incredibles fan, and a great cook. >.> I might have to try this meself...

  5. My wife and daughter just made me one like this for Father's day (it's in November here in Norway). I'm loving it!

  6. Wonderful! I'm glad you're enjoying your apron! And everything is so much more special when made by someone you love.