Thursday, June 3, 2010

Simple Toddler Sun Hat Tutorial (only 6 steps!)

I want to stress that this project really is simple.  I got the pattern piece from this tutorial on  The tutorial there is pretty good, but I saw ways to improve it without a lot more work (and if you ask me, this just might be easier since I didn't have to use any bias tape, and this way your hat will be reversible!).

Step 1: Print the pattern from the pdf on the above website (you will need Acrobat Reader), or cut your own using my picture as a guideline for the shape (as always, you can click on a picture to see it larger--The center line on the pattern piece measures 6.5").  Cut out 6 of these from the fabric you want for the top of the hat, 6 for the inside, and if you want to give it more structure, 6 from interfacing.  I'm going to use the yellow floral fabric for the outside of the hat, and the red polka-dot for the inside.  You can see here a pink floral one I've already finished.

Step 2: Piece together your sections in groups of 3.  Here I am working on the red polka-dot lining.  I sewed 3 of the 6 sections together, then sewed the other 3 sections together so that I end up with two matching halves (pictured here).  Do the same for the other fabric and the interfacing if you are using it. 
Step 3: Sew the two matching halves together.  Hopefully your seams will be lined up on the top, but if not, it isn't a big deal.  The pink hat I made wasn't matched up very good, but with a busy fabric you can't even tell anyways :-)

Optional Step 3.5: If you would like to put a chin strap in, this is where to do it.  Line up your strap (I just used a piece of elastic I measured on my daughter) between the two halves of your lining fabric and sew it in.  The hat will no longer be reversible, so it just depends on what you want.  You could also sew on a chin strap later (which is what I did with the pink hat I made because I didn't think about it until I after I finished it).

Step 4: Stack your layers together.  It doesn't matter which fabric is on top because you can flip the hat later for whichever fabric you want on top.  The only thing you must make sure you do is have your two fabric layers together (don't put the interfacing between them) and that the fabric is laying right-sides together.  If you look at this picture closely you'll see that the right side of the red is facing down, and the right side of the yellow is facing up.

Step 5: Line up your seams and sew the layers together around the outside, leaving an approximately 2" gap somewhere in which to turn the hat right-side out.  This is a good place to mention the importance of cutting your pieces out the same size and using the same seam allowance so that your seams will line up nicely. 

Step 6: Once the hat is flipped right-side out, top-stitch around the brim to close the gap you left in step 5 and make a nice clean edge all the way around.  Now just put it on your kid and enjoy!



  1. This is a great improvement on the original. I made one of these but the seams were so ugly! Never dawned on me to make another one and sew it to the first one! Thanks for tutorial!

  2. Hi:
    I have to agree; you made a splendid improvement over the original. Yours, is simpler, clear and doable. Now, if I could get my 1 year old grand daughter to wear a hat : )
    I am a follower of yours : )

  3. Yet another easy to understand pattern! I have just made this hat for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter and she just loves it! - Do you have a more boyish style hat pattern? this one is just a little to frilly for my son. I would like it to be the same style but with more of a straight brim (if that makes sense lol)

  4. I don't have a boy style yet, but I'm about to become a mother to a son, so I think I'll be doing a lot more stuff for little boys now!

  5. This was an easy, straight forward procedure. Great job! I always have found it so difficult to find these adorable sun hats. Thanks again!!

  6. Thanks for this, I found it so easy to follow. I also adjusted the pattern slightly to make one for my 4 year old :) I'm so pleased with the results. Thanks again :)

  7. I sized it down a bit and made one for my young baby. Thanks for writing up a sun hat without a separate brim! I wasn't too intimidated and it turned out great. I thought the top came out pointy so I squooshed it back down and sewed it inside so it has a flatter top and the crown is slightly longer than wide- then added a button :)

  8. Fantastic! So happy with the result! I made it even easier by ironing bondable interfacing to the fabric before cutting out so I only had to cut and sew 12 instead of 18 pieces. I also made a template out of thick cardboard to draw around instead of pinning pattern pieces on. Additionally, I have made two buttonholes, one on each side just above where the ears would be, to button a chin strap to. This allows you to have a strap on both sides of the reversable hat.
    I am a beginner sewist and I found this pattern very easy. Thank you!

  9. Hi Bethany, I tried this Sun hat for my little girl. Your instructions were very simple and easy to follow. My lil one liked the hat very much. And kept on saying, "Ma, this is soooo nice. This is soooo nice." Couldn't say much more because she's just two; but I could see it in her face. :) Thank you for the instructions.