Saturday, July 3, 2010

Batman CD Holder Tutorial

It's hard to come up with "crafty" things to make for guys.  After racking my brain for a few days I decided to whip him up a CD holder for his car.  He already has one on his visor, so this one is for his glove box (he loves music!  A LOT).  This project is pretty easy.  First, cut rectangles of fabric starting with 12" x 12.5", then 11" x 12.5", then 10" x 12.5"...etc...until you get down to 6" x 12.5".  I later decided to add one more pocket at the bottom measuring 5" x 12.5" because I wanted the Batman fabric to be at the bottom.

Next, narrow hem the top of each rectangle (along one of the 12.5" sides)

Next, line up the two largest pieces at the bottom (the raw edge).  Measure 4" down from the top of the shorter of these two and sew a line across.  Then place the next shortest piece on top, measure 4" down and do the same thing.  Keep doing this for every piece (except the last one since it will just get sewn into the bottom.)  You can see in my picture where I sewed the gray fabric 4" from the top.
Once they are all sewn on, your project will look like this.  As you can tell in the picture, I didn't cut the edges of mine very straight because I was in a hurry!  Now you will fold the holder in half, right-sides together, and sew all the way around the perimeter, including the folded edge.  (This will make it taut enough to hold the CDs and make it look uniform on both sides), leaving a gap at the top to turn it right-side out.   (If you would like to make this for a car visor, lay a piece of pre-measured elastic down the center of your folded "sandwich," with the ends sticking out on either side before sewing around the perimeter)

Once you flip it right-side out, top stitch across the top to close the gap you left.  And you're done!

This CD holder will hold 14 CDs (7 on each side).  If you don't add the extra shorter pocket to the bottom it will hold 12.