Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Make an Easy Child's Birthday T-Shirt

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELEANOR!!!  I had an idea for a cool birthday t-shirt for my daughter last year, and decided to try to make it a tradition.  This isn't exactly a t-shirt reconstruction so I'm going to call it a "t-shirt enhancement."  First, find a cute simple t-shirt.  Second, buy felt in the colors you think you'd like to use.  At this point, with the help of my husband, we began sketching some ideas.  Since my daughter is turning 3, the shirt had to have a big 3 on it!  This year we decided on a dragon/dinosaur looking 3 since my daughter is super into dinosaurs right now.  I then used the sketch and cut the character out using the felt and stitched it altogether as best as I could before putting it on the t-shirt (it's a lot easier to sew it this way than working with the whole t-shirt for each individual piece)
Then I pinned it to the t-shirt and zig-zag stitched it all the way around!
Here's the birthday girl in her new t-shirt!  She is so proud to be three!

Below is last year's t-shirt.  On this one I hand-sewed everything using embroidery floss.  You can click on the picture to see the detail.  I love how it looked, but it took a lot longer than I had time for this year. 


  1. Super cute! I just keep getting amazed at your work, even if it is simple lol. I couldn't do it haha.

  2. You definitely could do this! Even if you just cut out a simple shape and hand-sewed it on it'd be adorable :-) It'd be cool to do initials or the first letter of your little one's names.

  3. You have very cute and simple ideas. Nothing to scare people off. And you have a nice way of encouraging people!!
    I finished my hand embroidered flower basket quilt and pieced it all together. It's at the machine quilters now. I can't wait to see it all finished!! I had to embroider 8 more squares than I originally thought to make it fit the bed the way I wanted. I am very happy with it. The lady who is machine quilting it does lovely custom quilting.