Friday, July 9, 2010

T-shirt Reconstruction: Nightshirt to Comfy Summer Dress

This reconstruction started with this nightshirt that I accidentally shrunk in the dryer.  As you can see, the sleeves are too short now and it is way too short (which is why I'm wearing jeans underneath it in the picture!).  I was super angry because it was so soft and comfortable, so I decided to do something with it!

I started by cutting the sleeves off.  This is usually how these things start!

Then I cut the shoulder seams open at the top.

I flipped it inside out and drew a line using tailor's chalk to try to make it into basically a tube dress.  My chalk didn't show up well for the camera, so I laid pens down basically where I was going to sew.  I did this on both sides. 

I cut a couple small pieces of fabric from the sleeves that I sewed onto the front top sections of the shirt (on either side of the buttons and button holes).  These went from the top of the v-neck to where I cut it at the shoulder seams.

After I sewed these pieces on, I rolled them over and sewed them to my seam allowance to form channels.  In this picture, one side is done and the other one is still waiting to be folded over and sewn down again.

I made straps out of the original sleeves and attached these to the back then pulled them to the front, through these channels, and tied them in a bow.  I put a white tube top under the dress (because I'm too modest to wear a dress with a key hole that low!)

This dress is super comfortable.  Almost too comfortable.