Wednesday, July 21, 2010

T-shirt Reconstruction: T-Shirt into Little Girl's Dress

I couldn't make myself a cute t-shirt for the Royal's game without making my daughter something too!  I found this old t-shirt and figured I could do something to it.  I used a shirt of my daughters and cut out that shape, removing the sleeves and collar.  I made it a little bit longer since I wanted hers to be a dress.  I sewed up the sides and the top of the shoulders.

I used the strip I cut off from the bottom of the original t-shirt to make a ruffle.  I then cut it to the length I wanted after trying it on my daughter.  I used the original sleeves to make little sleeves.  I cut out the shape you see to the right.  I made it longer than I needed so that I could ruffle it.

I sewed the short ends together to form the sleeve and used a "gathering" thread to ruffle it up to the same size as the armhole in the dress.  I then sewed them in!

Here's my baby in her new dress!  She was excited to go to the game and show it off.  I wore my reconstructed t-shirt as well and we really enjoyed the fireworks together!


  1. thats so adorable! i with i had little girls i could sew for, i just have 2 boys (11 and 15), lol. but my question is about the ruffle at the did you do that? do you gather it and sew it to the bottom with out stretching the material? or do you pull and sew at the same time? so it will be stretchy. how do you prevent the threads from popping when wearing it if it dose not stretch?