Monday, August 16, 2010

Another simple "1 Hour Dress"

Friday I attempted another 1-Hour dress.  I love the idea of simple to make clothes, although usually simple means no structure, which can mean no real style.  This is Butterick "Fashion Express" pattern B5211.  It is described as "Fast & Easy," which in my opinion is quite accurate.  If I hadn't made a couple smack yourself on the forehead sort of mistakes, I could have made this in the 1 hour stated (plus about 30 minutes for cutting out the pattern and fabric).  I was worried about this one fitting me since the models on the package have no hips and the dress is pretty shapeless.  I made dress B (the blue one).

I made this dress out of a blue twin sheet I got at the thrift store for $1.99.  I really like using cheap bedsheets for "rough drafts" of dresses and things because I hate to cut up fabric I adore without knowing if I'm going to like what I'm doing with it!  I had to adjust the sizing on this one to be a size smaller on top than on the bottom, but that's pretty easy to do with dress patterns.  You just cut along the size you want, slowly sliding your scissors over to the larger size you want as you cut past the waist (or at least that's how I do it!).

This dress does absolutely nothing for me without a belt.  I love love love the retro vibe of it and I am starting to really adore dresses with pockets (which I used to hate because I thought they added too much bulk to my already prominent hips).  I think with age comes confidence though because I'm no longer afraid to let my hips be what they are!  This pattern is a great project for a novice because if you leave the pockets out, there is absolutely nothing to it (not that pockets are hard, but you could make it even more simple).  The back has a button closure at the top (I used a hook and eye).  I think I will remake this one using some awesome fabric since I like the bed sheet version.  I'm thinking of making a version I can wear in the fall with a jacket and tights.