Friday, August 20, 2010

How to Make a Laptop Sleeve--Tutorial!

To make a laptop sleeve, first you need to measure your laptop.  Measure it from the front latch all the way around and back to the latch, then measure the width of it.  Add a couple inches for seam allowance to each of these measurements.  At this point, cut a rectangle the size you just measured.  I used a pre-quilted scrap piece I had.  Fold this in half and sew it together leaving the top open.  I sewed it down the folded side as well so that both sides would have a seam and it would look more uniform.  I then "blanket-stitched" around it to finish off the raw edges.  I then cut another rectangle to make a flap.  I just eyeballed how big to make it by holding the fabric up to my sleeve.  I blanket-stitched all the way around it and then I centered and sewed it onto the top of one side of my sleeve.  At this point the project is really close to finished!
I also blanket-stitched around the top perimeter and then sewed it down to make a nice clean edge at the top.
The last step is to sew velcro onto the underside of the flap and the front side of the case.  Put your laptop into the case and fold the flap over to see where the velcro should go (if you do this with the case empty you might put the velcro too low.)  And here it is, a nice quilted laptop sleeve!

You could also do this without using pre-quilted fabric if you want to use batting and line it separately.  Of you could use fleece or felt or any number of other things.