Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane. Well actually, a tiny two-door hatchback.

Bethany Sew-&-Sew is going to explore the fashions of northern half of the Midwest this coming week.  Hopefully I'll come home with some great ideas!  (Okay, so I'm actually going just to relax and see some stuff I haven't seen before).

Anyways, this is my daughter eating "princess pancakes."  Which are basically pancakes with food coloring (they're pink) and sprinkles in them, topped off with powdered sugar.  I try to make her food...ummm...healthy?  Well, not really, but it's pretty.

This is me at Kansas City's Planet Comicon in 2009 wearing Joel Pfannestiel's crazy "soul-reading" glasses (he runs the Astrokitty Comic book shop in Lawrence, KS btw).  I'm putting this here simply because I've always liked this picture.  I'm wearing my Incredible Hulk t-shirt too.  Gotta love Comic Book Conventions.  Okay, so time to pack for my vacation!

And for everyone else out there in cyber world, Sew Sew Sew!  Or at the very least, Craft, Craft, Craft!