Saturday, August 28, 2010

My "Eddie Cap" from Mushroom Villagers tutorial

Today's project was borrowed from Irene at Mushroom Villagers.  She calls this the "Eddie Cap."  I don't fancy myself a mad hatter, but I gave it a shot.  I had some polka-dotted flannel left over from a teddy bear I made.  That's him on the right.
Anyways, I won't show every step since the tutorial is linked and is very thorough.  I followed it pretty much exactly.  The parts to keep in mind are to clip all curved edges so that it lays nicely and to cut into your bill to so that it isn't too long and floppy.  The tutorial says to cut a curve on the unfinished edge so that the center of the bill is about 3" long but I think 2.5" would be even better for a toddler.  The bill on my finished hat was a bit big.  I lined it with two layers of interfacing.  Some people use things like milk jug plastic of other refurbished items to stiffen bills, so be creative!
The bill is attached to a band lined in interfacing (this lining isn't necessary, but is probably a good idea).  A second band is attached to give the bottom of the hat a finished edge.  The top is an octagon that is folded with 2 little folds on each of 4 sides (8 total folds)  This is then attached between the two bands.  This step was a little confusing, but I think the tutorial explained it as well as it could.

Here is the finished hat on a balloon because my daughter wasn't being a cooperative model this morning.  She did let me get one picture while she was sipping milk and watching cartoons though.