Friday, August 27, 2010

Next on the Agenda...

I'm back from my vacation touring the Western side of the Mid-West and got inspired to make a few things.  For one, my daughter needs a prairie style sun bonnet and matching full-coverage apron.  I also took the time to learn to spin wool.  I've always wanted to spin wool at home because I think it would be awesome to take a project from beginning to end in that way.  The problem with this fantasy is that I don't live somewhere convenient for raising sheep, so I couldn't start at the very beginning, and I can't knit very well at all.  My crocheting is pretty blah for the most part, meaning that, yes I can crochet things like scarves, simple hats, granny squares, pot holders, simple blankets, etc..., but not sweaters or anything with real form to it, and these limitations make spinning my own wool seem like overkill! 

And for those wanting to know, which I imagine there is no one(!) but I'm going to tell you anyways, yes, I'm wearing a dress in this picture that I made for myself.  I hope to someday have enough stuff to wear a majority of home-sewn clothes.  Right now I only have a few pieces, but I'm getting there!

Also in the world of very cool, when I got home from vacation, waiting on my stoop was a box of 53 vintage patterns that I won on eBay for well less than $1 a piece.  Most of them are from the 1960s and I adore them.  These are just a few of them.  Many of them are uncut and all of the ladies ones are *gasp* my size.  There are tons of little girl ones for my baby too :-)  I'm too excited about these.  I love vintage styles (40s, 50s, 60s) most of all since they are so flattering to the female figure.


  1. Can't wait to see what creations you come up w/!! :-)

  2. This should keep you happy and busy for awhile...and keep us entertained!!! LOVE