Monday, August 2, 2010

Red/White Striped Oil Cloth Apron Part #2

I finally (almost) finished this project.  I figured out how to gather the skirt...kind of.  I gathered it in sections but I still had to just sort of smash it through my sewing machine.  The truth is that this fabric is really inflexible and stiff and once I started working with multiple layers, I could barely sew it.  I went through 3 sewing machine needles in one day!

I got the go ahead to use the ivory lining fabric for the straps, so I was able to complete the bib.  I had to make these straps extra long so that I could criss-cross them in the back and attach them to the waist instead of tying them behind the neck.  I put button holes at the end of the straps.  I wasn't sure how many to place and where since I have not physically seen the person this apron is for, so I put 5 button holes on either side, 3 gathered close at the ends of the straps, and then two more staggered above them.  The lower holes fit me, and the upper holes fit my very petite mannequin, so they should work!  You can see part of my buttonhole attachment for the my sewing machine.  It's a very useful little thing.  My old machine didn't do button holes so I've always had to do them by hand, but with this thing I got 10 button holes done in about 10 minutes!

I chose some simple opaque ivory buttons.  I had to buy two packs since I wanted 6 and of course they come in groups of 5 :-)

Here it is!  Front and back!  In my attempt to be forthright and honest, I must admit that I haven't sewn the buttons on yet as I'm typing this because I can do that in front of the television later tonight with my hubby!

I like the look of this apron.  It's a very unique thing with it's vinyl shine and varied stripes.  It is quite heavy and the skirt is a little stiffer than I wish.  This oil cloth differed from what I used on my previous oil cloth apron because it was not flannel backed and more inflexible, but it is also shinier and smoother to the touch.  This was such an interesting project to work on and it really put me to the test, so for those reasons, this is one of my favorite aprons.


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