Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Revisiting a Past Project--Huzzah!

Since my current situation has slowed down my sewing immensely, I thought I'd share some pictures I've borrowed of some friends at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs, KS.  I have an affinity for making kilts.  Okay, so I married into the Leslie Clan and I think my hubby looks cute in them.  (Oh, and this guy is not my hubby, he belongs to my dear friend Alison.)  Anyways, a while back the cute little guy pictured here, Ian, turned 1 year old, and in honor of the event I made him his own pint-sized kilt and sash, which happened to match his daddy's fairly well.  (Please note that I did not make daddy Andrew's kilt, just the little guy's!)  I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, but seeing it modeled by a cutie is way better than seeing it laying on my table anyways!  They look like they just walked out of the Highlands, right?

Here is my original post on the making of Ian's kilt.  It is held on with Velcro and is a project that is easier than one might think (especially for children and men who have no hips to worry about conforming to!)  The original post was to help ambitious kilt-makers for the Scottish Highland Games, but now is a great time to whip one out for Renaissance Festivals!