Friday, September 3, 2010

Skipping town once again!

Hello all.  I'm going to be leaving for Texas this morning to visit my baby brother, his wife, and my nephew over the holiday weekend.  I promise to put up a tutorial on how to use fused plastic fabric to make tote bags when I get back!  So much traveling this year.  It's been sort of crazy!

So for my farewell post I'm showing you a picture (that is unfortunately flipped from my webcam) of some vintage sewing needle packages that my husband and I inherited from his Great-Aunt.  These were among her sewing notions and I love them.  I hope to display them in my sewing room once I get them framed properly.  I also have some of my own grandmother's sewing supplies.  Thinking about the hands of these women that came before me using the same items I now hold fills me with delight.  Heritage is a beautiful thing.


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