Monday, October 4, 2010

Bethany Crochet-&-Crochet?

Here is the baby blanket I'm making for the bun currently in my oven.  I don't know the gender yet, so I chose neutral colors.  The pattern I used is the alternating V shell afghan.  I like it!  I learned to crochet from my mother and my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Jurgens.  I tend to do more crocheting in the fall and winter since I can do it huddled under a blanket.  This has also been a good project to work on while being in the first trimester morning (and evening!) sickness blues.

 I love crocheted beanie hats and after seeing some at a craft festival last year I decided it was time I learned how to make them.  The black hat has a detachable flower so that I can change it depending on what color I want to wear.  The green and blue one is warmer though and is my personal favorite.
 I featured my Mario/Boo pillow as my first entry on this blog with a tutorial which you can find here.  I made this for my husband for Christmas last year.  This project took several hours/days to complete, but was tons of fun to make!