Monday, November 22, 2010

Fleece Viking Helmet? Sure! Why not?

The idea for these hats came from a high school friend whose son enjoyed the movie "How to Train your Dragon."  (If you haven't seen it, you might have guessed, there are vikings in it!)  I loved the idea of this hat because in my head it seemed like such a fun project!  I made a couple hats and did some experimenting to try to figure out exactly how to make this work.  I still think there is a better way to do it, but I'll save that for another day.  These hats are made entirely of fleece (and stuffing).  They consist of a basic fleece hat with an embellished center seam and band.  The center seam and hat band have "rivets" on them that are fleece circles I stuffed to give the hat a sort of 3-D look.  The horns were attached by hand-sewing the base of them to a circle of fleece, then attaching this circle to the hat.  These were a bit of a pain to figure out!  I originally was going to make ear flaps so that these would be really warm and winter-ready but the first one I made was long enough to cover my daughter's ears by itself, so I left the ear flaps off.  The second one was a bit smaller and would be better suited for a younger child.  The inside of these hats is "unfinished," meaning that they are not lined, but they are still really warm.


  1. She's adorable.

    I'm a full-grown adult male and I want one of these. I have no doubt these would make my winter entirely more bearable.

  2. I love your hats! I have been searching for a pattern for a fleece viking hat for my son's elementary school club. They are the Vikings! Do you sell the pattern? I have yet to find a cute one that we can put together for about 30 kids. Would you please email me?
    Thank you so much!! Adorable

  3. i really need a pattern for this. my daughter is having a "how to train your dragon" birthday part nov 19th and i want these for the kids.

  4. I didn't really write a pattern, but if you can make a basic fleece hat (and patterns for that abound on the Internet), then you can make this. Just sew a contrasting strip down the top and attach horns. I can send you more detailed directions if you want to email me at