Thursday, November 11, 2010

My newest character--The Peachy Princess!!

This princess is an apron I've wanted to make for a long time, so when I got a request for it I jumped all over it.  One of the hardest parts was just picking out the right shade of gold and blue for the medallion applique on the bib.

The skirt wasn't too hard, but positioning the pockets was more challenging than normal because they needed to be on top of the overskirt for functionality, so I couldn't put them where I usually do so far as dimensions from the top and bottom.  They are set wider apart and a little higher.

 The picture to the left was taken on my web cam because I thought it might be nice to see the apron pulled out.  I really enjoy this apron.  It's really girly and looks cute.

Coming up next:  The Plumber!  This apron will be a men's style chef apron.  I've already started this and should be done really soon!

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