Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Green Plumber is officially here!

This one is pretty much identical to The Plumber except that I had to use a slightly different blue since I couldn't find the same blue I used before.  I actually like this one better because the color is richer.   I took a photo with the apron sort of pulled out off my manneguin to show that there is no flair to it since it is a chef-style design.  It was brought to my attention that by putting these on my hippy female mannequin it kind of looks like it's designed to be fitted for a female, but I promise that is not the case!  But I took a picture of it fitted to the mannequin too because it looks dumpy on my small model when it's pulled out like that.  I love this apron and I'm glad that the plumber gets to have his brother wandering around somewhere in Pennsylvania.  The Plumber currently resides in California.  :-)


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