Monday, December 13, 2010

So, I'm having a baby, and it's a BOY!!!

 I crocheted my still-in-utero son these baby booties the night I found out that my baby bump contained a beautiful boy.  I used a pattern I found online at  I used this same pattern before but I did a better job this time!  I haven't added cute little bows to them yet or anything, but might do that after Christmas.  For now they are wrapped snugly in a little box as a first-ever Christmas present for my son.  I bought this yarn especially for the project because I loved the subtlety to the variation and the almost denim-color of it, besides how very very soft it is.  I am very excited to have a little boy to add to my little girl and can't wait to discover some fun boy sewing projects after doing so many with ruffles!