Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ahoy Captain! I be feastin' me eyes on the pretty Lady Sailor!

The Lady Sailor is a character that takes me back to high school when I had a similar keychain on my car keys.  Her costume is sort of an interesting one stylistically to put into an apron because of the collar and the large red bow on the chest.  I incorporated both of those elements into this project.

The bow is sewn down (both hand sewn and machine sewn) and the collar is edged in gold ribbon to help highlight the sailor-ness of the whole thing.  I actually wound up thinking this one was pretty cute and got to thinking of other ways to incorporate big bows on future projects!

I took lots of pictures of this one because I found the white body of it somewhat hard to accurately photograph.  I also took a couple "work in progress" photos of this one since I was doing some things I've never done before!