Monday, January 24, 2011

Link/Zelda Apron Set?

It's been a busy week in the apron world and I'm continuously amazed at some of the fun requests that get sent to me. I get to work with some of the coolest and most creative people around and I hope to never take that for granted!

I am currently asking the Internet world at large about taking on a Link/Zelda apron set, and am asking for input on which of these following design inspirations you like best.  You can comment here or on my facebook page with your preference!  (Click on them to view them bigger)

Next up, I thought I'd share a couple sketches I did this morning for some aprons that I *might* be making in the near future:

That's right folks, you're looking at a Panda Bear and X-Men's Rogue.  I haven't committed to either of these yet, but it's fun thinking about them.  I realize now that I forgot to put pockets on Rogue's skirt.  Why a panda?  Sometimes a girl's gotta do something different, and this is one that spoke to me!