Friday, April 1, 2011

Screamland Available for Pre-Order!!

Hello lovelies! Today I want to plug the newest issue of Screamland. It's about all the funny, washed up lives of former film monsters who are all out of work thanks to CGI and green screens.

The book comes out on June 8th and is currently available for pre-order. After scouring the Internet we found the best deal out there. You can buy it here for only $1.94!!!

There are a couple interviews with the creators about the book available at and

And yes, my husband, Lee Leslie, is the artist behind this project.  He is also the writer and creator of Rigby the Barbarian, so my love of comic book inspired projects and other nerdy things is a family affair.  The first volume of Screamland has already been published if you want to start from the beginning of the series, but the second volume definitely stands alone.  It's really funny!

You can also find Screamland on Facebook.  They'd love to have more "likes"!


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