Monday, August 15, 2011

Easy Tiered Skirt Tutorial for your Little Princess

My daughter is a girly girl, so for her birthday, besides her annual birthday t-shirt, I thought she needed a fun tiered skirt. This is a really easy project. If you can sew a straight line, you can do this!

1. First, cut your three layers of fabric. These are going to be 3 rectangles. The length and width is up to you and varies on the size of your child, but I generally use 3 times the waist measurement to get it to gather up nicely, with the length of the longest tier being the distance from her waist to her knee.

2. Next you will sew each rectangle into a loop by attaching the ends together, and then will hem the bottom of each one.

3. Layer your 3 loops onto each other with the shortest loop being on the outside and the longest one on the inside. Stitch around the top to hold the three layers together.

4. Fold over the top edge (turning it to the inside) and sew it down to make a channel for your elastic (leave an opening to put your elastic in!). Measure the elastic on your child's waist. Threading elastic is easy if you put a safety pin on one edge and then push the safety pin through.

5. Sew your elastic together (sew it well! You don't want it snap apart!), then sew the opening closed. Ta-da! You have a cute skirt.

Okay, so I also made her a dinosaur birthday cake. Cake decorating is not my expertise (even though I used to do it at a bakery back in college!) but I tried my best. My daughter seemed pleased.