Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apron Orders

Hello, just a quick post to say that I'm currently not taking any more custom orders. I'm going to be working on Halloween costumes and then creating all sorts of random things with the insanely large stash of fabric I've accumulated over the years. I've been dying to carve out some time to use it up, and to do some cross-stitch and crochet and other things like making more kilts or kids' viking hats...I wanna learn how to make rugs, and do some more quilting...and you get the idea. I'll be putting some of these projects up on Etsy, but won't be doing much custom stuff for people in the mean time. I will be posting more tutorials and pictures of different projects here though because I love to share what I'm doing and any cool tricks I learn along the way. Crafting is only as hard as you make it, so I try to make it as easy as possible!