Monday, September 26, 2011

Fleece Baby Bunting Sewing Tutorial

It's been awhile since I've had time to do a project for my kids, so I'm really excited to post this tutorial!  This is a fairly easy project, although I put a zipper in it, which might be a little tricky for beginners. I have an alternative to putting a zipper in though if that scares you!

1. Get an outfit out that fits your child loosely. It needs to be longsleeved and have legs on it. Lay this on your fleece (double thickness so you'll be cutting out two) and cut around it. Make it quite a bit longer than where the legs of your outfit actually end because you want a lot of kicking and wiggling room for your little one's feet. It should look something like this picture on the right.

 2. Cut a slit down the middle of the front piece the same length (or a little shorter) than your zipper, and then sew in your zipper. Zippers are not my favorite thing but they are really convenient! Here is a a good zipper tutorial. I didn't "hide" my zipper like in this tutorial because I liked the red contrast. My alternative to using a zipper is to leave the bottom of your bunting open, in essence making a gown that you can slip on over your child's head. You can add a drawstring or elastic to the bottom to close it up after you put it on your child (or snap closures or get the idea).

3. Once your zipper is installed, pin the two pieces right sides together and sew from the neck down the top edge of the sleeve on both sides. Then sew from the bottom edge of one sleeve all the way to the bottom, curve it around and back up the other side to the bottom edge of the other sleeve in one continuous line (where the red lines are in my awesome graphic!). After this you can fold back and hem the cuffs of your sleeves.

 4. For the hood, use an existing hood that fits your child (or guess...which is a method I use quite a bit!) and cut around it to get the basic shape. Measure this against the size of your neckhole and make sure the bottom will fit nicely into your bunting. Put your two pieces right sides together and sew around the curved edge to form the hood, then fold over and hem the front opening.

 5. Lastly, attach your hood to the inside of your neck hole...and there you have it! (Here is a tutorial for this process if you want some more detail about how to get the hood in there)
6. Put your baby in it and take cute pictures!