Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Link and Princess Zelda

These are my last two brand new designs for a while. I have been asked to make Link and Zelda aprons more than any other character, so I'm glad to finally have them completed. Zelda is made using 100% cotton, a gold polyester fabric, purple satin, and a sheer chiffon that has a color fade in it of both blue and purple. I used this because the decorative element on Zelda's dress fades/changes color a bit and I wanted to create that effect.  I had to leave out a lot of the detail on her dress for practicality, but I tried to keep the general look of it and of course the tri-force. This apron is machine washable, warm, on the delicate cycle. There is a pocket behind the hanging decorative element. It is hidden, but is accessible through the gap between the belt and the top of hanging piece in case you want to hide away any rupees.

 I put this apron on the floor because the chef style men's aprons just don't look right on my petite hour glass lady mannequin. Link was harder to give a distinct look since his usual garb is pretty simple. I copied the general idea, but put a tri-force on his pouch to set this apart from Robin Hood or Peter Pan. The belt, straps, and pouch (which is lined) are all made from suede and have a leathery look. The gold is polyester and the top is made from 100% cotton. I put an additional piece of suede by each appliqued buckle to give the illusion of a functional belt, with the flaps hanging out a bit. The green fabric is twill, which is a light canvas like material. This apron needs to be cold washed and line dried.