Monday, January 23, 2012

How to make Lined, Insulated Oven Mitts

Making oven mitts is pretty darn easy, and it's a good way to ensure you have some cute ones in your kitchen! As you can see from this picture, my old pink one was looking pretty sad. I've even caught it on fire a couple times. But an old oven mitt that fits well is the best place to start when cutting out a new one.

1. Lay your old oven mitt on your fabric and cut around it (making two pieces), remembering to allow for your seam.

2. Use this as the template to cut out your lining fabric (cut two).

 3. Now use your cut out fabric to cut out your insulation. I used a product called "Insul-Bright" that is designed with a shiny layer to reflect heat, as well as a couple layers of cotton batting for extra insulation.

 4. Sandwich each half of your oven mitt with the batting you cut out, and quilt your fabric to it. My picture here shows that I quilted my mitts by top-stitching around the various shapes in the fabric's design.  Once they are quilted you should have two opposite halves like in this picture.

5. Put the two layers together (right-sides together) and stitch around the them, leaving the wrist edge open. Trim edges and clip curves. Do the same thing with your lining pieces.

6. Turn your lining right-side-out and insert it into your quilted mitt (which should be inside-out) as in the picture.

 7. Stitch the lining to the mitt around the wrist perimeter, leaving a small gap to turn it right-side-out.

 8. Turn your mitt out and top-stitch around the wrist, closing the gap you turned it through. Yay! I made a dinosaur one for my nerdy husband too.


  1. What a cute idea for people who want to customize their kitchen {and know how to sew!} I love all of your aprons, especially the comic themed ones!

    I am co-hosting the Tuesday Time Out Inspiration Link Party this week {my first time as a host!}. I would love if you stopped by my blog and posted some of your amazing projects! Thanks!!

    xo. Hilary @

  2. which fabric is used here?