Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easy-Peasy Zippered Pockets Tutorial

This is by far the EASIEST way to put a zippered pocket on anything. The one thing to keep in mind with this technique is that your zipper will be very visible, so use a color that matches well or contrasts just how you like it. The zipper becomes part of the design.  I put one of these pockets on the back of this bag using a yellow zipper.  This is my "fishbowl" pocket. I would have liked to use a yellow zipper inside too but I didn't have big long yellow zipper in my zipper stash and I was too lazy to go buy one the color I for this tutorial, weird blue it is.

Here I have a big blue pocket I'm wanting to put inside a tote bag I'm making. I want it to have a zipper enclosure at the top. Here we go!

Step 1: Pin one side of your zipper directly to the top of your pocket.

Step 2: Sew the one side of your zipper to the top of your pocket--right on the front of it! Both the right side of your fabric, and the right side of your zipper should be facing you.

Step 3:  Pin the pocket where you want to sew it.

Step 4: Sew the top half of the zipper down to the fabric you are attaching your pocket too.

Step 5: If necessary, sew the sides of your pocket down. I didn't need to do this because this pocket is the same width of my bag and will be sewn into the side seams of the completed bag.

Step 6: Enjoy your easy-peasy zippered pocket.