Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pattern Review of McCall's M5430 with Photos

It's been awhile since I've posted a pattern review, but that doesn't mean I've stopped using them. My favorite patterns are "1 Hour" or "Express" patterns that declare, minus cutting time, they can be completed quickly.  The reality is that the actual time to complete these, even for a more advanced seamstress, is usually greater than 1 hour, but they can be completed in one afternoon. The skirt I'm wearing here is a wrap-around skirt created using McCall's pattern M5430 -- The 1 Hour Skirt.

I used the pattern for view C.  Instead of the illustration's modest khaki look, I decided to do something a bit funkier by using red and white stripes, with a boldly contrasting blue. Both fabrics came from re-purposed bedsheets. I use bedsheets and other clothes I cut up for about 50% of all my sewing.

This pattern is a great beginner's pattern. The skirt uses very few pieces and is easy to assemble. This type of pattern is a great staple in any pattern library. This skirt can be both casual and formal depending on the type of fabric used and the view selected. I chose to size it to fit on my hips rather than my waist, which for most people can be done simply by going up a size than what you usually wear.

I love the versatility of a wrap-around skirt, and I like the feminine touch the bow adds. The other 2 views do not have pockets, but I love the pockets on this one, so view C is definitely my favorite. I recommend playing with the colors! It's more fun that way! View B has a decorative trim, and View A is cut so that the open edge ruffles. All three views have the same waistband. Because of how the pockets line up, the skirts without the pockets have more room for error, so if you're a true beginner, view A or B might be easier, but not by a whole lot.


  1. oh I love this! Thanks for the review. I did a "1 hour" a couple years ago and thought it was ME that it took all afternoon! LOL I love the funky colors. Good Choice!

  2. The waistband on this one is causing me angst. I am very much a novice, so I'm certain it's me. I cannot get the seams on the skirt to match up with the seams on the waistband without gathering the back skirt panel. But the picture doesn't show any gathers. My pattern pieces (all cut to the size 6) have the back waist band (#7) much shorter than the waistline of the back panel piece (#3) of course allowing for that to be doubled since you cut it on the fold. Can you make sense of this for me please?

  3. Ha! You helped without saying a word. Nevermind the above post! And thanks!

  4. The waistband caused me so much trouble as well. I did the slight gathering to make it fit and it worked well with Rayon Challis. Can hardly see any gather. But the left front waistband where the tie emerges was not explained on the pattern at all so I made it up as I went. Not fun. What did I miss?

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