Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bethany's Top 20+ Sewing Ideas for Little Boys

Let's face it. It's easy to find fun patterns and tutorials to sew for your little girls. Dresses and skirts, purses and bows...they are everywhere. But what about the little boys? My son demands action be taken! That is why I've decided to put together this list of sewing ideas for all the little boys out there!

1. Make your son a cute necktie! I love this "Little Man Tie Tutorial" by Very Homemade.

 2. So he has a necktie...well what about a bow tie? Check out this fun and easy bow tie tutorial on

3. Pants. I don't really need to elaborate on that do I? Here's a great PDF download pants pattern for sale on made by rae, and an awesome pants tutorial on But what if you want shorts? You can just make shorter pants of course, but if you're wanting a specific tutorial for shorts, Craft Passion has you covered. I also encourage you to try your hands at some pajamas! Here's a nice pajama pants tutorial.

4. Easy-peasy t-shirts. This shirt tutorial on My Craft Closet demonstrates how to make a super easy shirt. Another easy shirt tutorial (reconstruction) can be found on as well. If you're looking to make an existing shirt more awesome, take a peek at my birthday shirts!

5. Hats! Hats are adorable. This hat tutorial by Bandy Canyon is a favorite of mine since I think driving caps are so cute on little boys. For a different style of hat, check out this tutorial. If you are interested in novelty hats, try my viking hat or renaissance flat cap tutorials.

6. Rompers! I love baby rompers. The romper tutorial on is fantastic! These can be so expensive to buy, so this is one project I definitely intend to make for my son.

7. Make your little boy a fabric book. This is one of my own projects that I made for my nephew on his first birthday. You can fill the pages with all the things that your child loves and make it very specific to them! Check out my fabric book tutorial here.

8. Give your little Scotsman the gift of his first kilt! Every little guy needs a kilt for his local highland games, right? Here's my kilt tutorial! If you are more of a tunic kind of Renfester, here's a tunic tutorial for your little guy.

9. A personal quilt. My son is descended from the lands of King Arthur and his round table, so I knew he needed to have a castle quilt. Here are pics of the one I made to help give you some inspiration.

10. A baby bunting. If you're like me, then it will be an outer space themed bunting :-) My tutorial is for a fleece bunting with a zipper. Make it bigger and you got yourself a custom sleeping bag.

11. Got a budding chef in the household? Make him an apron with matching oven mitts. Basic aprons are simple projects. Learn how to make an oven mitt here, potholders here, and a basic apron here. To see some of my fun apron ideas click on Custom Creations.

12. An awesome tote bag. This tutorial shows pictures of me making a Spider Man tote bag that later became my son's diaper bag. If Backpacks are more your game, then look at this drawstring backpack tutorial by Mama Urchin.

13. Stuffed Animals. There are so many free patterns available for stuffed animals! Any critter you can think of! This is a link to a large list of free patterns on

14. No boy's wardrobe is complete without a snazzy vest! I love this tutorial that repurposes old pants to make a vest. Leila and Ben have made a free downloadable vest pattern available to you as well. It's so cute!

15. Keep his pants up with a handmade belt. This is a super basic and easy belt tutorial by Shwin & Shwin. If you want to get a little more creative, try making a snap belt with this tutorial by SewBOLD.

16. Make him a wallet. I really like how cool and sleek this wallet tutorial by Noodlehead looks when it is complete.

17. Every child, boy or girl, needs a super-hero cape. Jens Own Road has a tutorial for a cape made from knit fabric. For one made from lightweight cotton, check out Regina Lord's tutorial.

18. UNDERWEAR!!!! I love this boxer briefs tutorial on Sew a Straight Line. Nothing makes potty training better than the anticipation of super awesome underpants made by your mommy, right? If you are interested in purchasing a pattern, I really like this one by Fishsticks as well.

19. A tent? Sure! If you want to make a small tent for his favorite action figures to hang out in, or a larger backyard tent for him and his friends to tell spooky stories in, Sew Mama Sew has a tutorial waiting for you.

20. Jackets and Coats. This is an adorable pea coat pattern by liliash. Sew a Straight Line also has a PDF download pattern for a cute coat. If you're interested in a hooded pull-over style jacket, Modern Sewing Patterns has a free PDF download pattern.