Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eleanor's Lacy Crochet Ruffle Skirt--Tutorial

I had a vision of making a cute skirt to be worn over leggings, and after searching the Internet for inspiration, and finding the perfect stitch to start it with, I came up with this! I wanted something open and lacy, not just because it is pretty, but because it works up quickly. The ruffle has lots of "flounce" to it!

Supplies: I used a J/10 hook and worsted weight yarn (I believe it was Red Heart) Less than 1 skein of each color.

Eleanor's Lacy Crochet Ruffle Skirt:

Chain the width of your child's waist, making sure it is in a multiple of 11 + 1 Chain. (For my daughter, who is an average sized 5 year old, I chained 66 + 1 for a total of 67 chains)

If your child is like mine, a multiple of 11 probably won't fit her exactly--that's okay! Pick the multiple of 11 that is as close as possible without being to big--you can extend the skirt width later.

Rows 1-10: Follow the pattern for the "Fans Lacy Stitch" through to row 10. The pattern is available here, and includes photos and diagrams. This will complete the "yoke" of your skirt. (You can go through the pattern for additional rows if you want the yoke to be longer)

Note: Any rectangle of crochet can be the yoke of your skirt--this is just the pattern I used to make mine look lacy--don't be intimidated by it!

Rows 11-12: Complete a row of DC around both the top and the bottom of your skirt. To do this at the bottom, complete 4 DC's in each 4ch space and 1 DC in the top of each DC of the previous row.  

If your work fits your child well, whip stitch it up the back to form your skirt and skip the width extension. 

If your work fits too snugly around your child, as mine did, continue from here:

Skirt Width Extension (Optional): Cont. from last DC by turning work to the short end of your "rectangle." Chain 3 and do 1 DC around the post of the last DC you worked before turning your work and continuing working DC's into the side until you reach the end.

(Work 2 DC's in each Row of your Fans Lacy Stitch pattern. So if you stopped at row 10, you should have 20 stitches plus 2 on each end for a total of 24 DCs, but note that it doesn't matter how many you do on the short ends as long as your work lays flat and you do the same number on the other side).

Fasten yarn off, and complete an equal row of DC's along the other short side. Whip-stitch your skirt together. This adds a couple inches as pictured here. If you need more width, just keeping working rows of DC's until it fits your child's waist. 

The Ruffle:

The ruffle is a Bethany Sew-&-Sew Original and creates a very full, twirly skirt. My daughter calls is "Hula-ish." :-)

Row 1: Fasten yarn to a DC at the bottom of the center back of your skirt. * Chain 5 and SC in the next stitch. Repeat from the * all the way around, ending with a slip stitch where you originally fastened on your yarn.

Row 2: Slip stitch into the the next Chain-5 loop, Chain 3, and DC twice into the same chain-5 loop, Chain 1, * 3 DC into the next chain-5 loop, chain 1. Continue from the * all the way around ending with a chain 1 and slip stitch to join the round.

Row 3: Slip stitch into the next DC, Chain 4 (counts as DC plus 1 chain), * DC in next chain-1 space, Chain 1, skip next DC, DC, chain 1. Continue from * all the way around ending with a chain 1 and slip stitch to join.

Row 4: Chain 4 (counts as DC plus 1 chain), DC in same stitch, * skip chain-1 space, DC in next DC, chain 1, DC in same stitch (create a V-stitch). Cont. from * all the way around, slip stitch to join.

Row 5: (Color Change) Slip stitch into the center of the next V-stitch. SC in same space. * Work 5 DC's in the following V-stitch. SC in next V-stich. Cont. from * all the way around, join with slip stitch.

Row 6: Chain 6 (counts as DC plus 3 chains), SC in center of next shell. * Chain 3, DC in next SC, Chain 3, SC in center of next shell. Cont. from * all the way around, join with slip stitch.

Finish with a row of SC in your contrasting color around the top.  If the skirt is too big, or slides down, you can add a ribbon belt to it by weaving it in around the waist.


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