Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Girl's Crocheted Ballet Slippers

I made my daughter slippers a year or two ago, and she has finally stretched them as far as they will go. Making slippers is fun because it's a relatively quick project, and for this pattern, it's super simple. These slippers are made entirely in one piece. The pink trim could be made the same color as the body of the slipper, and bows on the top are not-functional and just there for decoration, so they could be left off. 

The pattern I based these on is called "in-a-jiffy slippers for your princess" via The Longest Year.  I did change it a tiny bit to fit my daughter's feet better by adding an extra round of double crochet after Round 5 in the pattern linked above. This made them cover the top of her feet better, and stay on better as she is running around the house. I also stopped counting rows as I neared the end and just crocheted until the were the right I'm not sure how many rows are there!