Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crocheted Brimless Baby Bonnet

 I adore baby bonnets, and just had to make one for my daughter. I searched the Internet quite a while to find a  pattern I liked, that didn't use a very small hook. I like projects I can get done in a day or so! This one fit the bill perfectly and still had to lacy "prettiness" to it that I wanted.

The pattern is titled Samira -- Apricot Baby Bonnet on the blog Crochetlatte. This is offered as a free pattern. I used a different yarn than that shown on this blog, so it has a different effect.

This bonnet does not have a brim, so if you really want a sun bonnet, this isn't for you. Adding a couple more rows is a good idea though if you want it to cover more of your baby's forehead. I think it looks really sweet on my darling baby, Juniper.