Bethany who?

Bethany Sew-&-Sew likes to sew and crochet and that is exactly what she does. She really really likes making new and exciting things, so unique custom orders are her favorite. She learned to sew on a little machine in her bedroom as a wee one, then took it to a new level after her daughter was born and needed adorable little dresses.

Bethany Sew-&-Sew is married to Lee Leslie who writes and illustrates the web-comic Rigby the Barbarian and is the illustrator for the comic Screamland, which was published by Image comics.  She is also the mother of one very cool 6 year-old girl, and a 2 year old baby boy, and a lovely little peach of a newborn daughter, all of whom are repeatedly forced to wear the hats their mommy makes for them.  They live quite happily in a cute house near Kansas City, MO, where Bethany has planted lots and lots of plants and flowers.